Bulletin Board System

Learn about the popular fad of Bulletin Board System and Telnet BBSes

The Once Popular Fad of Bulletin Board System is Kaput!

The Once Popular Fad of Bulletin Board System is Kaput!

A bulletin board system was a computer server running software that allowed users to connect to the system using a terminal program. We once ran a very popular bulletin board system using Telegard, with a 56k modem. The BBS was linked to the once popular FidoNet message system and it was fun. The fad quickly faded away into history as more people fell in love with the Internet. Then you had the classic BBS door games like TradeWars, Legend of the Red Dragon, etc. If you like more information on this topic, check out "The BBS Corner & Telnet BBS Guide Discussion Group" on Facebook.

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Telnet BBS Guide
The Telnet BBS Guide focuses Bulletin Board Systems – the original Social Network, serving the BBS community for over 25 years!
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